A Quick Little Ditty of Gratitude

I’m Free to be a Thief — How Thrilling

This week, Brian Brewington wrote a very honest and touching letter to all of the women who’ve tried to love him. You can find his story here.

In a heartfelt response, Erika Sauter not only recognized Brian for his authenticity and writing skills, but went a step further, sharing hard won experience and paying forward her own gratitude to Austin Kleon for the lessons she’s learned from his writing. Erika went so far as to offer to send Brian copies of Austin’s books. That is just one of the things I absolutely love about this place, Medium! Connection.

So, not only am I grateful for Medium, Erika and Brian — I’m now sending a great big thank you to Austin. I went to the library, checked out Steal Like an Artist, read it in one day and feel inspired and fired up. He offered so many great ideas I can poach — placing my own authentic stamp on them, of course.

He’s reminded me it’s OK to suck. That’s what I plan to do — try something new and well, most likely suck at first.

For the next ten days, I plan to go to bed with an idea — an idea. I’ll sleep with it. When my alarm sounds at 5:30, I will not pass go. I will not make coffee. I will not say hello to the dog. I will go directly to the computer and write a new micro story. I’m setting a twenty minute time limit. Then I have to make the coffee, but before I head to the kitchen I’ll hit publish on whatever gibberish comes out of me. I fully expect it to suck on day one. We’ll see where I’m at on day ten.

For me, this will be a true challenge. I’ve nobody to compare myself to, but I think I’m a slow writer. It’s possible that I might only get a sentence down. I’ll try to make it a good one.

Anybody want to join me? We can use the tag This Might Suck. Or, come up with your own challenge. Or, just read Austin’s book. Or, live vicariously through me, but it’s so much better to live through you! :)

Thanks Brian, Erika and Austin! I’m ready to beg, borrow and steal.

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