Calling the Tech Savvy

Some of you have been with me here for awhile in Mediumland — my friends, my followers. You might recall that for many, many months I struggled with the decision to get a new computer. What to do? Windows? Apple? Viruses? Cost? I just want to be able to do all of the cool Medium things!

I asked and pondered here on this platform, going so far as to imagine the computer muses were sending me messages in the shower. I wrote about and published such nonsense— without a care.

Many of you were kind, responding with options and advice — most of which I did not understand, but I nodded and smiled anyhow. To complicate matters — there were two schools of thought in our household. Team Apple and Team Windows. I was on Team Windows — and I guess you could say I won. We have a Dell computer, running Windows — 10? I think? I do not even know how to know that for sure. Heavy sigh. How do I know that for sure?!

Right now, I’d like to jump up and down — scream — swear — throw things and pound my fists, but I’ve visited The Well of Being and I understand those actions are not productive.

Here’s my problem — the copy/paste function has simply stopped working on this system — if you can hear me — I’m hissing and dragging out the word systemmmmmmmm.

I’ve googled. I’ve watched YouTube videos. This apparently is a thing — a problem for many!

I’ve reluctantly entered command prompts following directions for every slash, quotation mark and “space.”

It doesn’t work. Nothing works. :(

I cannot insert a link! I cannot copy nor paste! I have to go back to using my tiny screened phone!!!!! YES! I’M YELLING!!!!!!!

Several breaths into a paper bag later…..

Voice now lowered….I’m not ashamed to ask (except for the Team Apple people in my house, I won’t ask them) — Can anybody help me with this?


Ha! If you’ve made it this far into my little techno tantrum, please know happiness in the world of copy/paste/link has been restored. All it took was a complete shut down to off. Happy day!:)