I made you a card.

I arrived on your shores — a naive immigrant without a story in my pocket. You gave me a space to setup housekeeping — a very nice house, I’ll add. For a while, I watched out my virtual window —

At first I read a lot about how I could become a better person, often in the form of a list.That one still makes me shiver.

A funny little secret about life that I’ve discovered is — when we believe something to be true — we give it power. Whether it’s cold showers, curiosity, possibility, or kindness — life is what we create through our choices and the stories we tell ourselves about them.

Thank you for offering me the freedom to learn, discover, decide and sometimes change my mind on your playground. As you say, WORDS MATTER. I understand that more now than at any time in my life. Weave those meaningful words into a story and look out world — you’ve just made an impact.

Early in my exploration, I had a light bulb moment when reading one of James Altucher’s stories. He didn’t preach or give advice. In story form he simply said, , I thought. And then, the universe opened a door.

I stumbled across a solicitation by Johnson Kee. He was looking for writers to contribute to 100 Naked Words. I called out — and Johnson said

Johnson created a neighborhood of thoughtful storytellers. I was humbled, honored and grateful to be a part of the place. Putting words to page and connecting with storytellers from around the world fueled me. I began to grow — story by story — connection by connection.

I recently wrote a story about Magical Math and together I think we’ve pulled off the magic of 1+1=3. We’ve been good for each other Medium!

I recalled the anecdote as I read some stories and conversations in my Medium neighborhood. Long time residents are questioning change here, a place many of us call home. I understand what’s happening — we see change and fear that we’re going to be left behind.

Our stats are a little wonky. We see big name authors and magazines showing up. We’re in the darkness of the unknown.

But — the story above reminds me — this is your dream and I am a guest. I can’t see what’s happening behind the scenes and you’re not obliged to turn the street lamps on.

It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust. ~Samuel Johnson (1709–84)

I trust.

Medium — You’ve given me much. I’m grateful. That’s my story no matter how things shake out.

With much appreciation,