I cannot tell a lie — there was a point in time when I thought Medium was going to be my ticket — to where — I’m not sure! And that’s a big part of the problem — it’s hard to move forward when you’re not sure where you want to go. haha! There are hard working, ambitious writers who I’ve watched grow here and I wish them the best. I stare down the little green monster sometimes when I see posts about writers earning $500 MPP dollars per month, but the truth is I don’t care enough about that to put in the effort to attain it. I like to write what I like to write. I don’t like flashy headlines — that’s just not me.

What Medium gives us is a space to write about almost anything with an available audience. I agree — almost all of my interactions have been positive.

What I recognize is that Medium has given me a lot and even if they kick me out tomorrow — they’ve still given me way more than I’ve given them.

Ohhh my Mara. It’s been an up and down three weeks. Overall, I think she’s going to be okay. We were back at the vet yesterday. Mara has high liver enzymes, most likely a side effect of the anti-inflammatory drug. Now that we’ve stopped the medicine it should clear up, but in the meantime, it causes vomiting. She’s lost a lot of weight, but hopefully we can bulk her back up. ;) Then we’ll have to decide what if anything we’re going to do with her leg. The surgery is expensive — and she’s eleven. But it stinks to see her mind is willing and wanting to go, but her leg won’t cooperate. For the love of a dog! Surgery can happen any time, if we choose. We’ll give the decision some time.

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