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Waking Ramble (10)

It’s a funny thing about time. On one hand, it flies like a hawk being chased away from a nest by red wing blackbirds. On the other, it crawls like a tentative six month old child just learning it has the capability to move. Ten days have come and gone and this writing challenge has taught me some things about myself and life that have nothing to do with writing. We’ll get to those in a minute.

First though, early morning writing suits me. Choosing not to check notifications and emails upon waking is a healthy change. I’m surprised at the volume I have been able to write in twenty minutes (ok, I’ve exceeded the time limit, but never gone more than thirty.) Production happens when I hear the clock ticking away at my back and I know time is fleeting.

Setting a writing idea before bed has been helpful. I can’t say for sure what my subconscious has done with it while I sleep, but I know upon waking, my brain immediately begins stringing thoughts and words into sentences and paragraphs. I start the day with a sense of accomplishment.

As for the writing, this experiment was the bees knees for me.

Life lessons? I learned a few — many actually.

First, I write because I’m in love with words and ideas, but as Abhishek said in his story yesterday, it’s the connections made through those words and ideas that motivate me. I’m not sure I would show up if it weren’t for that.

Dennett taught me that I can publicly say I don’t agree with something and the world will not come crashing down. It’s OK to disagree. From reading Dennett’s stories over the past ten days, I know we have way more in common than not — love for our pets, pre-vacation anxiety and the good sense not to jam our feet into heels.

Erika and I have a lot in common too. So much of what she wrote stuck a chord with me. Her early posts about her husband and father-in-law grabbed me and said: Look how wise and rational she is. This woman thinks before she reacts. I want to do that, too. She can see the big picture and analyze the pieces. It’s not the highs and lows, it’s what you do with them.

Rachel blows my mind with everything she writes. I’m thrilled that she is now declaring herself a writer to strangers on planes. She’s got great things to say and she says them beautifully. What she spins in twenty short minutes has had me fighting off the little green monster with a stick.

Ré Harris knows herself well enough to give this challenge a try and say, “Nah, this isn’t for me.” Good for you Re! I think knowing one’s self is a big step toward living a fulfilled life. Your fiction shines because you take your time with it. My next challenge should be to write and allow things to marinate in drafts for a while.

Personally, I had a little dip over the weekend. I know in the scheme of the world, my troubles are tiny, but my troubles they are. Since I mostly write from a personal place, when unhappiness is about, I struggle with what to write. I like to hold trouble cards close to my chest until I can sort them out.

My son, who had his shoulder surgically repaired last fall, suffered a full dislocation of the same appendage in football pre-game warm ups on Friday night. After a long road, it was a kick in the stomach to find we were back at the starting point. We knew the risks, but….sometimes that’s not enough to alter the life course one has been on since the age of eight. We’ve made it through most of the negative feelings and are back to seeing the sunny side.

Lastly, I learned that funny is sometimes not funny to all, but our relationships in this Medium neighborhood are strong and true — even though we’ve never laid eyes upon one another. We are a shining example of how I’d love to see the world work — open, accepting, thinking before acting people.

The This Might Suck tag has made it to the Medium search engine. How cool is that? Feel free to use it anytime for whatever reason. It’s there whenever you want to try something new. Saying This Might Suck takes the pressure off. If we never suck, how will we grow?

I totally broke the rules today. I got up late, wrote for well over twenty minutes, and stopped to make breakfast and pack a lunch in between. That’s alright. I’m no guru.

I’m just a girl who likes putting her thoughts down and sending them out like milkweed fluff. It’s enough to know that the seeds land and grow in the hearts and minds of my friends and that you, and you and you reciprocate by sending back seeds of your own.



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