Pack Lightly

© Gail Boenning 2018 That’s not my bag….


On a recent four day/three night trip to Texas, I managed to travel with one carry-on. The bag was small enough to meet the airlines 22 x 14 x 9 requirement. I admit the seams bulged. With each open/close, I stuffed and shifted yoga pants, flip flops and paperbacks, coaxing the zipper.

Packing lightly was an option because I traveled for a casual get together with family. No one gave two hoots about my attire and…warm climate=light clothing. My bag was small enough to stuff under the seat in front of me. I avoided the baggage carousel and didn’t carry a single concern about my bags getting lost.

Can you believe there were a few items in my bag I never wore? I still over packed!

Many years ago I found this tag attached to an Egyptian Licorice tea bag:

© Gail Boenning — Not my best photographic work…Let me tell you something about Yogi brand Egyptian Licorice: My son and I both agree that when it first hits your tongue, the taste is like licking concrete. We don’t regularly do that, so — weird, I know. After the initial surprise there is a delicious, natural sweetness. Try it. You might like it. ;)

I memorized the phrase and then paper clipped the miniature rectangle to the pocket of my quote/note folder. An additional tea bag wisdom clipped alongside it reads, To be calm is the highest achievement of the self.

I find the less I carry physically and mentally, the calmer and lighter I am. What you radiate spreads, like tea in a cup?

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