RM, Thank you for this. I have a lot to say about finding the middle road, but continually question whether or not I should say it. I think a lot of middle roaders are reluctant to speak up. It opens the door wide to get slammed by criticism. Middle roaders are generally conflict averse. I know I am.

So many humans seem to be drawn to strong opinion, competition, drama and conflict. None of it is for me.

I read an amazing piece by Oliver Shiny yesterday. In it, he went through his recent works and pointed out their deeper meanings. Middle roaders try to teach and share in an indirect fashion…through stories. Fables and fairy tales are told to children because children/humans learn best through relatable stories. Nobody likes to be beat over the head with “you did, you’re wrong, you should”.

And so the middle roaders tell their stories, weaving in deeper meanings. These are the authors I seek. There are many here. Their voices are strong in a subtle way. Shouting is not our style.

Can they change the course of the world? I believe they can, especially when united. If enough people whisper together, they’ll eventually become loud enough to be heard.

We are all one. One nation, one world, one humanity. Why don’t we act like it? Do not seek that which separates, seek what unites.