Starting Over

Every moment an opportunity…

Gail Boenning
2 min readApr 1, 2021
It would not be a celebration without you Medium!

“Tacky… ,” said Urania. “Rude — showing up after all this time — to talk about our recently published book.”

“Urania, I understand your feelings,” Thalia replied. “We are not here to market the book… we’re here to express our heartfelt gratitude.”

“Well… that makes me feel a little better,” said Urania. “We are incredibly thankful that she discovered Medium at a time when she was ripe for a new experience.”

“And Medium did not disappoint!” Calliope added her chime to the mix.

“First… she read a lot… and wrote a couple of business-y pieces… ,” said Urania. “… and then, she discovered Johnson Kee and his newly forming publication — 100 Naked Words.”

“Life changing,” said Thalia.

“It was as if she’d been bitten by a mosquito that transmitted an observe, think, write serum… her days… and nights… became consumed with awareness of herself, others, her environment, and any combination of the three,” said Calliope.

Magical Math,” Thalia and Urania gave an affirmative nod.

“She made friends from around the world and met a bouquet of mentors. She defended and cursed listicles. She boldly commented on stories from popular writers… growing into her courage. She found her life long love of words and ideas was not limited to gobbling and digesting — she found she has something valuable to add to the conversation,” said Urania.

“A conversation she might have missed if Ev Williams had not created the space for her to explore the flowing river that is now her life — untethered,” Thalia sighed.

“After nearly five years of gentle hands uplifting, encouraging, and holding when needed — there is a book that would not have existed without this community,” said Calliope. “Or, a woman who understands: ‘No man ever stands in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.’~Heraclitus”

“Energy follows intention… and depending on the amount of rain… it flows fast, slow, or somewhere in between,” said Urania.

“For our scribe… the flow has been just right.”

“Why is she crying?” asked Calliope.

Urania and Thalia shrugged.

Thank you. ♡♡♡