You know, I’ve never once had an outside publication request any of my stories, so I’ve little confidence to stand on — outside the platform.

My own fault — both because of the eclectic, random nature of what I write and lack of push on my part. I’ve read so many stories where writers who’ve played the submission game are disheartened by the lack of response, rejection and extreme editing. For those reasons, I’ve decided to just keep writing along here, where I can say whatever is speaking to me, and people read it. Did you write a story about that once?

I admittedly have very little experience in the world of writing and publishing. As an observer, I believe Medium has taken a big step outside of the norm to try a new and different way to offer words — anybody’s words. I think it is a bold step in a commercialized world that revolves around sales and marketing dollars. For us to be given the chance to earn something here is a gift, right?

That said, I have noticed that my locked stories receive significantly less play than my unlocked ones. Why? I’ve no idea, but I’d like to think Medium is currently on a big learning curve and will continue to evolve.

We’ll see.


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