Every moment an opportunity…

“Tacky… ,” said Urania. “Rude — showing up after all this time — to talk about our recently published book.”

“Urania, I understand your feelings,” Thalia replied. “We are not here to market the book… we’re here to express our heartfelt gratitude.”

“Well… that makes me feel a little better,”…


Henny sat.
She saw something I could not see.
We were later than usual for our morning patrol…late enough that neighbor Tony was out walking Golden Retriever Addie.

“Mind if we walk with you guys?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean…no, I mean…yes, walk with us,” he replied.

“I’ve been…

“Doesn’t she have an uncle named Howard?” Calliope asked.

“Yes!” Urania snipped, “We wrote about him once…he came home from WWII with tuberculosis and his life was saved by recently discovered Streptomycin. How could you forget that one?”

“He wasn’t her uncle,” Thalia said.

“Yes he was!” Urania nearly shouted.

A month or so ago, I received a gift of gifts, from a dear friend. In the envelope was the opportunity to share kindness, through the shared seeds of kindness project she and a colleague developed.

The concept is simple, yet profound.

The envelope contained three cards, designed to thank…

You’ve Received the Gift of Shared Kindness

Hello Magician!

As an agent of change, you’ll delight in sharing treats to uplift those who treat you with care.

Step 1: Store your magical Above&Beyond cards in a space that travels with you: purse, glovebox, console, backpack, fanny pack (do people still…

inspiration for a new way of connecting

What happens when we lift each other up?

Once upon a time…
a daughter wandered store aisles searching for a gift. Candles, shave kits, cologne…sigh. What to give a father who doesn’t want anything?

The Inspiration Fairy lit upon her shoulder and whispered…

Fingertips clawing the floor, shoulders rooted into their sockets, hips raised and heels descending, I took in a long deep breath and then, let it go like honey pouring from a jar, slow and sweet.

The Sunday morning, semi-self led practice opened with ten sun salutations. At the end of…

As I shifted from drive to park, I caught movement in my periphery.
I hesitated to open truck’s door.
And then, I saw a human head — two — three!
The coyotes were people! — my neighbor and his two kids.

I hopped out of truck to the sound…

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